Outdoor Waterproof PoE Switch Solution

Sep 29,2021

What is an Outdoor PoE Switch?

Have you been tired to install so many separate devices on the monitoring box for outdoor CCTV solutions?

Wi-Tek Outdoor PoE Switch is a great solution for installers and customers, who now no longer have to order separate parts and assemble them into an outdoor enclosure box.

It is a powerful network device that utilizes the PoE technology to deliver power and data via a single Ethernet cable to the powered device, such as IP cameras, LCDs and POS terminals, within a maximum distance of 100 meters/328ft. It offers a great number of benefits to facilitate network deployments in hard-to-reach areas without installing new network infrastructures.

Use an Outdoor PoE Switch for Harsh Environments

The outdoor PoE switch is a network switch that is specially designed for use in outdoor or harsh environments. It’s an all-in-one outdoor solution to transmit both power and data to the PDs installed outdoors to eliminate the need for installing new AC outlets in remote places. It’s manufactured and tested to meet the industrial standards for operation even in applications that require the highest level of reliability like surveillance camera systems. With a rugged design, the outdoor PoE switch provides a safe and stable network connection and an uninterruptible power source to ensure the continuous operation of PoE devices.

Benefits of Using Outdoor PoE Switches

Save your Time and Cost-efficiency

The outdoor PoE switch eliminates the expensive and time-consuming installations of AC outlets, especially in outdoor environments. It also ensures high reliability by providing a centralized power source, which makes it easier to monitor each connected unit and troubleshoot the problems.

Plug-and-Play & Flexible Deployment

No software or configuration required and designed for wall-mounted or pole-mounted flexible deployment, Unmanaged, Fan-less, Durable ABS casing.

IP65 Waterproof & Built-in Surge Protection

Mental housing design, integrated top cover, PC/ABS high polymer alloy material, extraordinary toughness, waterproof indoor and outdoor full-time, make sure the switch can be used in the bad weather. 6KV lightning protection, surge protection, short-circuit protection.

External Indicator, Easy Maintenance

You can directly see the connection status of each port through the signal light, and monitor the power supply and transmission of each powered PoE device at any time.

Compatible with indoor and outdoor scenes

Upholding the philosophy of minimalist design, it effectively saves installation space and flexibly integrates into the environment to meet the needs of various indoor and outdoor scenes.