UPS No-Break PoE Switch Solution

Sep 29,2021

Solar PoE Switch Powers for Video Surveillance and WLAN

The Wi-Tek UPS solar switches allow the administrator to flexibly install PoE wireless APs and IP-based cameras in remote areas, without worrying about locating extra electric outlets. When functioning with a pair of the wireless transmission units, the Wi-Tek UPS renewable energy PoE switch can transmit data efficiently to a remote control center.

How Does the Solar PoE Switch Network Work?

The solar PoE switch is the center piece of the entire network.

The solar panel receives and harnesses the sun radiation which it stores converts into renewable energy in the 12V/24V battery. At daytime, the renewable energy powers up the devices via the solar PoE switch such as wireless access point, video surveillance cameras. At night time, no solar power, the IP-based devices can be working via the battery power. Solar power networks are clean, free of pollutants, efficient, low maintenance, low cost and reduces the cost compared to electricity.

How to install solar PoE Switch?

With its built-in solar charge controller, solar panel can be connected to this solar POE switch directly. It can also work with standard 48V POE devices and passive 24V POE device (like most wireless bridges) without extra PoE injectors. Therefore, the system is dramatically simplified by using this solar PoE switch.

What are the Benefits?
There are numerous benefits that can be derived from a rural solar power network that supports a wireless 4G Lte router and video surveillance camera(s) network. Some of the benefits of the network includes the following applications: Benefits will include the following:
• Forest Fire Monitoring
• Environmental monitoring
• Border Crossing Monitoring
• Monitoring aquatic farming location
• Monitoring any remote location without a conventional power source.