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Because of its cost-effective price and easy construction, the wireless CPE has been widely used in
two or more long-distance network Bridges. Especially wireless CCTV industry now more and more
need long stable, safe transmission of video. Wi-Tek launched a series of CPE /AP products for outdoor
wireless bridge applications, including two frequency bands of 2.4ghz /5GHz, as well as external antennas
and internal antennas. For different distances and different environments of wireless CPE, different models and different products need to be adopted to achieve the best results.

Provide PtP or PtMP CCTV Network Solution




These series include WI-CPE111-KIT,WI-CPE511-KIT,WI-CPE513P-KIT,WI-CPE515-KIT,WI-CPE518-KIT,WI-CPE900-KIT,WI-CPE517,WI-CPE521

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