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Wi-Tek's wireless Access Point comply with the 802.11N/802.11AC Wi-Fi Technology,
data rate can be up to 1200Mbps,it improve overall network performance in high client
density environment. Working with Hardware Controller for centralized configuration and
management makes it is easy to be managed. It can also access into Local or cloud server for
advertisement and captive portal authentication for more business value. Simple mounting-
design makes it easy to be Installed on any wall or ceiling surface. It is best applied to SMB 

wireless network solutions.These series include WI-AP210,WI-AP215,WI-CAP215,WI-AP217,WI-AP218,WI-AP410

11AC WAVE2 MU-MIMO Technology 
Meet more different requirement of complex application environment

Multi-SSID Binding VLAN 

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