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250m Long-Range Transmission CCTV PoE Switch

Due to the complex monitoring environment, it’s very often to encounter the problem of inadequate 

transmission distance when making cabling and networking, the distance of each camera terminal to monitoring 

center are different, some only a few meters, some hundred meters while some others are more than kilometers. 

WI-Tek  Long-Range CCTV PoE with exclusive patent network extension technology, use the common existing 

twisted pair,  can support 250 meters data transmission, break the hundred meters transmission limit of twisted pair. 

Provide gigabit SFP uplink port, can meet the demand of transmission to a few tens of kilometers.these series include WI-PS205,WI-PS205H,WI-PS210,WI-PS210G,WI-PS208H,WI-PS518G,WI-PS526G Long-Range PoE Switch

Prevent data from broadcast storm.


802.3bt Hi PoE  

Auto MDI/MDIX eliminates the need for crossover cables. 

Auto-negotiation on each port senses the link speed of a network device and intelligently adjusts 

for compatibility and optimal performance.


Smart Watchdog on Unmanaged Switch

Plug and play, no configuration step.
Auto-detect and restart IP camera timely if the camera is halted.

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