Warranty process for distributor:

1)    Authorized distributor to encourage End Users/Customers to reach out to Wi-Tek support to make sure the unit is actually defective. Wi-Tek to troubleshoot  the issue.

     1a – If unit has been subject to overpowering/lightening the warranty will be void

     1b – If a manufacturing fault occurs within the 36 months, distributor will send the customer a new unit after the faulty unit has been returned to distributor.

2)    Authorized distributor accepts RMA from End Users, if:

      Proof of Purchase is provided showing that the product had been purchased within 36 months.

      And Wi-Tek has authorized the replacement/repair to authorized distributor to replace it.

3)    Authorized distributor deals with the returned product as follows: Distributor collect the faulty units, identifying and removing the failed module, and send photo evidence of destruction of the failed module to Wi-Tek. Distributor then keep the salvageable parts to repair units.

4)    Wi-Tek to provide distributor with a credit for the faulty units, this is to be applied to our account for future orders.  

5)    Authorized distributor will repair failed products.

      Wi-Tek to provide 1% x Spare parts(full set), for each product model distributor purchases over 100 units(ie, purchase 50units is one order, then 50 units in a  subsequent order(100total) we receive 1x spare parts(full set)), so units can be reparied and returned to customers in a timely manner. Wi-Tek to express ship(at Wi-Tek's cost) replacement spares to distributor once a fault is diagnosed to products can be returned to customers in a timely manner.

6)  RMA procedures:

     Each unit product would comes with Serial Number sticker. ( a. product name b. date of manufacture c. batch number (for example this time we manufacture 300pcs.so the batch number is 1-300)

     Example:  S/N: 310GF-Alien17120217

                      a. product name: 310GF-Alien  

                      b. manufacture date: 12/2017  

                      c. batch number: 0217

                      d. If product comes with firmware, we would add the MAC address