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Have you encountered the following scenario?

When you living a hotel, you can not even send a email because of the poor Wi-Fi signal.

In a cafe, you can not download a picture or a movie.

Do you still want to struggle with the poor Wi-Fi signal?  

In a public environment, such as hotel, shopping mall and park a strong and stable wireless network is simply an expectation. The Wi-Fi is the most concerned factor when you choose a hotel. Now, Wi-Tek provide a seamless Wi-Fi Solutions to build the reliable, cost-effective wireless networks that meet the requirement of guests and increase user satisfaction.

Solution Advantages

High-coverage  indoor and outdoor options eliminate the Wi-Fi dead-zone.

Wi-Tek access points improving overall network performance in high client density environment, even during peak shopping hours in the shopping mall environment.

Multi-SSID binding VLAN.

Based on this technology, the wireless signal can also be divide to different VLAN network so that the client will follow the access rules of administrator to isolate the public resources by department.

Fast roaming realizes the uninterrupted wireless network.

When guests walk around among different access point, fast roaming technology guarantee the uninterrupted wireless signal. The video call will not drop and the movie not be interrupted.

Captive portal provides direct advertisement way for your store.

To setup a Wi-Fi authentication page, the Captive Portal function allows administrators to display promo information and other marketing content while securing network access for guests.

Wi-Tek's wireless Access Point comply with the 802.11n/802.11ac Wi-Fi Technology, 

data rate can be up to 2200Mbpsit improve overall network performance in high client density environment; 

Working with Hardware Controller for centralized configuration and management makes it is easy to be managed.

 It can also access into Local or cloud server for advertisement and captive portal authentication for more business value. 

Simple mounting-design makes it easy to be Installed on any wall or ceiling surface. 

It is best applied to SMB  wireless network solutions.


Mesh system is Plug&Play, no running wires, easy to install and maintain.  

Simply plug a mesh AP into an existing router,  place the other AP anywhere you need coverage,  

and let Smart Link automatically connect them for you. Bring Mesh devices out of the Wi-Fi Dead-zone.  

Mesh devices are compact enough to discretely place throughout a home or office.


Improved Overall Wireless Network Coverage 


Application Scenario


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