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What is the most important factors when cabling the office network?

Simplified cable layout to provide a safe working environment for staff.

Smooth voice call improve work efficiency.

In order to guarantee the confidentiality of public resources, it should be isolated by different department.


In order to guarantee the daily work efficiency, the office network is one of the most important factors.  Wi-Tek is concerned on it and devote to optimize the office network.


Solution Advantage

24-48V PoE switch simplifies the Ethernet cable layout.

Wi-Tek design this series switch which is compatible to both 802.3af/at and passive 24V powered devices. The smart PoE ports instead of simple ports which does only support either 802.3af/at or passive 24V.

VoIP Qos PoE switch guarantee the quality of voice call.

Qos based on ports, it’s plug and play, no configuration step. It provides a convenient and cost-effective voice call solution.

VLAN realizes the public resources isolation.

The L2 managed switch does support 4k VLAN that the different department can be divided to different VLAN to isolate the public resources. It guarantee the confidentiality of public resources.

24V-48V Mixed PoE Switch

 PoE ports can automatically detect/ be modifiable via software.
Compatible to IEEE 802.3af/at or 24V Passive compliant Devices.
Support short-circuit protection and Over-current protection. 

VoIP Exclusive PoE Switch

 Qos for Voice data flow, smooth VoIP data transmission at first priority.
250m Long-Range transmission distance provide greater range of scalability.

Port VLAN function prevent voice data from obstruction.  

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