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Wi-Tek Reverse PoE technology has intelligent power management features to provide a centralized, uninterrupted outdoor PoE solution for FTTx ISP/WISP project. It build a multi-user sharing network to reduce the cost for WISP in rural area. It's also provice an eco-friendly solution, once one of the users initiates a network request, the ISP device is awakened to proide a timely and uninterrupted network service, while there is no request from end-users, the device turn to sleep mode and does not consume electricity. These series include WI-PS108R,WI-PS118GFR,WI-PS118GFR- o,WI-PS120GFR-O,WI-PS308GR,WI-PS308GR-O,WI-PS310GFR,WI-PS310GFR-O,WI-PMS310GFR,WI-PMS310GFR-O,WI-PMS318GFR,WI-PMS326GFR


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